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Issue #299 invalid

ssh pull and push fails with Permission denied (publickey,password).

Bartosz Radaczyński
created an issue

I followed the "using ssh" tutorial and got stuck at pulling anything from bitbucket. It fails with "Permission denied (publickey,password).".

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  1. Bartosz Radaczyński reporter

    Nope, I am not using hg as the username. I am using my username (radaczynski). Here's what I see in the console (I have created the private <-> public key pair and have an appropriate key under .ssh dir in my home):

    bartek@domowy:~/Dokumenty/python/shabti/pull$ hg -v clone ssh://radaczynski@bitbucket.org/radaczynski/shabti/
    running ssh -C radaczynski@bitbucket.org "hg -R radaczynski/shabti/ serve --stdio"
    radaczynski@bitbucket.org's password:
    radaczynski@bitbucket.org's password:
    radaczynski@bitbucket.org's password:
    remote: Permission denied, please try again.
    remote: Permission denied, please try again.
    remote: Permission denied (publickey,password).
    abort: no suitable response from remote hg!

    Of course, when it asks I supply a correct password (which works fine when I push via https) and it still fails...

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