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Issue #3001 resolved

Combobox don't work

created an issue

I can't select oder options in the combobox "set state to" in the "Issues" Form, section "Actions"

Comments (4)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    Can you provide more details? It seems to be working for me in Chrome and Firefox.

    What browser are you using? How are you unable to select the options?



  2. teixeira reporter

    Oh, sorry! I forgot to mention this important information. I’m using the EI9 (no compatibility mode) If I click on the combobox, the list open and closes immediately when I release the mouse button, so that I can’t select something. If I click on the combobox and select the desired option without releasing the mouse button, I can select one option, but when I release the button the list closes and the old option returns.

    But, if it works with Firefox, I can use this browser for this. No problem. (with Firefox works for me too)

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