Import Subversion repository with hgsubversion

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Martin Geisler
created an issue

The "import repository" page does not make it clear that only the latest revision will be imported. This is frankly a little uninteresting.

It would be much more interesting to use hgsubversion to do the conversion. Bitbucket has a chance to add a much-needed graphical interface to it with nice input fields for the various things that can be configured with that extension. People also sometimes struggle with installing the Python bindings for Subversion and an online service would help here too.

Making a "proper" import like this would of course be much more demanding in terms of both CPU time and disk space, but I think you should consider it.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Martin,

    When we wrote the SVN importer we certainly considered using hgsubversion and we looked into the realities of it.

    As you mention, the CPU time and the duration it takes to convert sizeable repos was why we decided not to support it.

    We do say on the import page: "Bitbucket's Subversion importer will export a working copy of your trunk code base."

    We have looked into creating a GUI wrapper around hgsubversion that would run on a users machine to try to convert the repo and upload it to bitbucket but it has not made it out of the spike phase.



  2. Martin Geisler reporter

    Oh, you're right that it says so right on the page -- sorry :-) I can definitely understand why you picked the "easy" choice and only convert the latest revision. Now it the decision is documented here so others can find it too.

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