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Issue #3003 resolved

Editor toolbar in "Edit Ticket" has some issues under Google Chrome (BB-2510)

Marco Lipparini
created an issue

When I try to edit an existing ticket the editor toolbar seems to be broken under Google Chrome. //(see attached image)//\ It seems like some buttons are hidden and some others perform the wrong task //(eg. the "blue guy" icon asks me for a changeset instead of a username)//

Unfortunately I can't verify the issue with other web browsers because I'm abroad and my laptop is too slow to run FireFox. I hope this can help anyway.

Comments (4)

  1. Marco Lipparini reporter

    It's a pleasure to help you.

    I also found that the "New Ticket Toolbar" seems to have a litte bug: when I click on the "Link to a user" icon it uses the following syntax:


    But I think that it should be:

    <<user USERNAME>>

    This time the "Edit Ticket Toolbar" seems to be fine!

    Thanks for your effort.

    P.S. I noticed that the first syntax works on comments, shouldn't it be the same on both tickets and comments? It might be a bit confusing...

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