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Issue #3006 wontfix

Total Download Counter

Russell Ballestrini
created an issue

I would enjoy a "Total Download Counter" for some of my projects. I typically don't create downloads manually but point my users to the automagic tip package. Exmaple: https://bitbucket.org/russellballestrini/virt-back/get/tip.tar.gz

Could we implement a download metric for these downloads similar to the manual downloads?

I've attached a picture annotating exactly what I'm trying to convey.

Comments (5)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Russell,

    I know that this is frustrating, we have had requests for this before.

    Our trouble is that the downloads are completely dynamic and we do not store any meta-information about them. Since we do not store any information we have nowhere to store the count.



  2. Russell Ballestrini reporter

    (Reply via russ...@gmail.com):

    That's truly troublesome. I beg you to reconsider holding meta data about the download counts eventually. In the mean time, I wonder if I could track this information using google analytic... Thanks again.

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