Replies to messages in my inbox are not visible to me.

Issue #300 resolved
Yarek Kowalik
created an issue

I've send several replies to my team member's queries in my notificaions inbox, but I never see my replies in the message thread or in the sent folder.

I just sent one about 5 min ago to user 'skypher', and another one yesterday. I'm not sure the message went through at all, so I have to rely on a private email converstation (which is not always possible, since I may not know always know the email address).

Please look into this.



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  1. Eirik Stavem

    Are you sending your replies via email, or are you replying via the Bitbucket notification/message-interface?

    We're currently re-working some of the notification-stuff, so there might be some bugs..

  2. Jesper Noehr

    At least replies should show up now.

    Should be mostly functional, only outstanding stuff is:

    • Unread count being messed out at times.
    • Can't delete messages (yet).

    Closing this, please refer to #112 for further development.

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