An entire section in the webpages are really unnecessary all the time

Issue #3012 resolved
Jaime Olivares
created an issue

Dear guys,

I really love this site, as they have the tools I need to work in collaborative way with others.

I have noticed that all views have the same section that shows: Line 1: Several links (branches, tags, invite, RSS, fork, etc...) Line 2: repository owner / name Line 3: repository description Line 4: Clone this repository message * Line 5: Clone this repository link

All this section really occupies a lot of valuable space in regular laptops of 14-15". I think this can be reduced or collapsed to one line, maybe expanded at the beginning and then collapsed by the user.

Best regards,\ Jaime.

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  1. Jaime Olivares reporter

    Oh dear! this is exactly what I was looking for but it is not intuitive!!! maybe because the arrow is not large enough. Would be even better if you put a larger triangle and a text aside: collapse or expand.

    Warm regards,

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