Issue #3013 wontfix

Do not include the issue summary in the URL to the issue (BB-2528)

Mikhail Korobov
created an issue

Issue number already makes the url unique and urls like this: are ugly. The junky part is ignored anyway and the issue is available as - can you please generate links to the issues without the "1fgbdcctaeydmm2d1aokdkzcb8adigbdeeeuk0bzav"?.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Mikhail,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will bring it up with the guy who originally wrote it and see if he likes the idea of removing them.



  2. Mikhail Korobov reporter

    1fgbdcctaeydmm2d1aokdkzcb8adigbdeeeuk0bzav is hardly helpful when viewing links out of context. Original issue title was "Do not use links with random slugs for non-latin issue names".

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