Issue #3019 resolved

username and email address are not synomonous for login

Richard Fink
created an issue

I fail to be able to push to my repository with the error:

--- Error During Push

---Mercurial reported error number 255:

---abort: http authorization required

I am pushing to

I have also tried

So I go to the site and try to log into my account, using my Username (riclf) and Password, both of which are correct. The login fails with multiple tries. So I use my email address ( and the same Password and I get in,

Now, when I look at my account, I can verify that my Username IS riclf (Welcome riclf). So what's up ?

I cannot use my email address in my push command and my Username is non-functional for purposes of logging in !

The result is that I am not able to Push my project to my repository.



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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Richard,

    This is pretty strange.

    One way to get pushing code again is to upload an SSH key so you can push/pull/clone over ssh.

    However we should really get to the bottom of this one.

    I think we might want to handle this through since we may need some personal information to get the bottom of the problem.



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