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Issue #3023 resolved

Issue with email confirmation

Ben Corneau
created an issue

I signed up for an account yesterday, around 11:00 pm EST.

I did not receive an email from bit-bucket.

I logged in today at 10:00 am EST, and clicked the "resend confirmation" link.

I then received an email from bitbucket timestamped 12:09 AM.

I clicked the validation link in the email and received this error: "We were unable to confirm your email address. The validation email may have expired."

I have tried "resend confirmation" a few more times but haven't received any other emails.

I'm using a gmail account and using the gmail web interface. Nothing is in the spam folder. Below is a copy of the header for the email I did receive.

{{{ from Atlassian Bitbucket sales@mailer.bitbucket.org via bounce.mailer.atlassian.com reply-to Atlassian Bitbucket reply-fe5c16737c6d017d7117-1158122_HTML-876643130-132689-5009@mailer.atlassian.com to b...u@gmail.com date Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 12:06 AM subject Welcome to Bitbucket mailed-by bounce.mailer.atlassian.com }}}

Comments (4)

  1. afrosoft
    • changed status to open

    I can confirm this issue, as I had this problem when adding my first email, and now that I want to modify it, I cannot confirm the new email address. I am also using gmail, abeit through Google Apps.

  2. Charles McLaughlin


    Our outgoing email was blocked for several hours while we exceeded a Google Apps mail quota. We cleared out old mail to immediately fix the problem and updated our code so messages are removed and not left on Google's servers.

    Please try to confirm your email address one more time and reopen this issue if you don't receive the automated email.

    Regards, Charles

  3. Diana Koivunen

    I just set up a new account, and I just got the same message today. "We were unable to confirm the email address. The validation email may have expired." I had set up the repository, and had gone over to my email to check on it several times before the email arrived. I accessed the email 20 minutes after it arrived, and tried clicking on the link in the email. It opened a new page (I was alreadt logged in.) and I got the error message. Is there any way to further validate the email. There doesn't seem to be a way to tickle the system to have it resend the email without adding another email account.

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