*Your* Creole Markup doesn't support in-page links (anchors) (BB-2600)

Issue #3029 resolved
Samuel Marks
created an issue

Good morning,

Unfortunately there's no support for in-pages links (anchors) in your version of Creole Markup.


PDF (Portable Document Format[[#sdendnote1sym|^^i^^]]) is...

[[#sdendnote1anc|i]] Adobe Systems Incorporated. //Glossary of VDP Terms.\//Available: http://www.adobe.com/products/vdp/glossary.html. Last accessed 28th Aug 2011.

Please fix this bug.


Samuel Marks

Comments (15)

  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for the bug report, Samuel. It looks as though that's not the only problem we have (the href of the link in the comment above should be "#content", but for some reason it's pointing to the wiki).

  2. Matt

    note, you can form URLs that would anchor to somewhere using syntax:

    [ [ P a g e N a m e # A n c h o r N a m e | A n c h o r N a m e ] ]

    which gives you a URL of http://bitbucket.org/YourProject/wiki/PageName#AnchorName behind text that just looks like AnchorName

    But there's no way I can see to get an <a name="AnchorName"></a> into the rendered HTML the browser gets, so you can create the loink to, but you can't create the landing point for it. If the creole parser would allow HTML snippets directly in some way (like <<source>> but without the rendered <pre> ) we could establish a workaround at least :)

  3. ngram

    Markdown doesn't support this either, meaning that a glossary of terms in a wiki necessitates html markup, somewhat defeating the purpose.

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