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Project activity chart just like Github. (BB-61)

Mouhong Lin
created an issue

Hi guys,

I think it would be greate to have project activity charts just like Github (see attachment), what do you think? :P

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  1. Tom Green

    To be fair I have migrated the majority of my personal repos over to Github given Bitbucket's seeming ignorance to this issue (and a host of very similar requests).

    I find that now a days my repos act as my CV, and therefore the Github's activity log makes it very easy to see how active I am.

  2. bean5

    I don't know the specifics of what the chart would contain, but I'd be concerned unless it aimed to only show activity for branches that are open. Dangling commits should not be considered...rebases leave quite a few of those hanging around.

  3. bean5

    That might work. I am biased, though. I actually happen to have color-deficient eyes. I would like the option to hide commits for branches that aren't merged or aren't approved. There are a lot of ways something like this could be used. Functional requirements will likely dictate actual implementation once they decide to proceed.

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