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celia created an issue

Hi There, would it be possible that you can provide us with the functionality to customize or add new statuses for issues? We are in need to have the status "UAT" and "Live"?



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  1. DurhamG

    Bumped. In particular I need a 'Confirm fix' status. So the developer checks in a fix, marks it 'Confirm', then another developer (or tester) confirms the fix works and marks the bug Resolved. TFS has this but they call it Active/Resolved/Closed.

  2. John Furukawa

    Bumped also for the general ability to add states.

    I was going to file specifically for just the addition of "Verified" - representing the state that follows testing ... in my experience "Resolved" indicates that the developer has tried to fixed an issue but the probability of it being actually resolved is far less than 100% the first time around. So the Resolved state (or whatever dev marks a bug after applying a fix attempt) is best viewed as a queue of work for the testers. The output of testing needs a state.

    The tracker is really unusable process wise until there is some reasonable capability here. Since my team started a project on bitbucket, we're giving it a go, and I'm using a milestone (verified fixed) and assignment to "nobody" as a temporary solve.

  3. Chris Vigelius

    Bumped cause we also need this (and frankly I cannot imagine this would be too complicated to implement).

  4. aaronaverill

    You absolutely must support at least one more state to indicate a bug has been verified as fixed. Hello ?!? Never heard of a QA process ?

    I would propose the following *simple* changes:

    1. Add a new state "closed"
    2. Change the query for the "Open" button to be ("new" || "open" || "resolved")

    This should literally be an afternoon of work, and require no database alter.

    If a project wants to use the current system, someone fixing a bug marks it as "closed"

    If a project wants to use a proper QA process, someone fixing a bug marks it as "resolved" and the QA person marks it as "closed".

    A side effect is that for existing projects clicking the "Open" button will see all the resolved (fixed) bugs. I propose a simple enhancement if you are worred about this:

    Add a one-time only banner above the issue list while viewing "open" which says:

    Issues marked as "resolved" will now be considered open until marked "closed". Would you like to mark all resolved issues closed? [yes] [no]

    When [yes] or [no] is clicked, the banner text is hidden forever.

  5. ccanepa

    I wanted a 'RepoFixed' state that will serve two purposes:

    • users that hits a bug can see at a glance if switching to default head can help them
    • release manager knows which issues should close after the next release is done

    After seeing other people entries in this threads, seems that long term the better would be to have customizable issue statuses.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Another +1 from me!

    At the very least, we could do with "Needs Testing". But being able to add custom statuses would be better.

  7. Former user Account Deleted

    Oops! Was just messing! However, since it's a year old "New" doesn't seem appropriate anymore anyway!

  8. Jens Claes

    Another +1 from me... Even just adding "Testing Needed" would be very nice! But if possible custom workflow would be very nice (similar to the components field where you can add your own workflow status...

  9. Stefano Crosta

    +1 ! Full customizable states would be the best, but a simple "Fixed" or "Needs Testing" is really, really, really necessary!!! Thanks!

  10. PDI Builds

    I could use this, as well. Right now we've re-purposed the "wontfix" status to indicate verified/certified (once QA has tested the change). I kind of feel that "wontfix" and "invalid" have somewhat overlapping meanings anyway.

    We joking say, "we won't have to fix that again"... but a more explicit status for this would be nice.

  11. Szymon Bobek

    +1. I would say it's critical for issue tracker to have customizable states statuses. Or at least more fixed states available.

  12. Pål Alstad


    Yes please!

    We really need a "closed" state at least, for our QA process. Ability to change existing ones would be awesome too.

  13. Karl Kemp

    Me too! I would definitely like to have some way to indicate the status of an issue as it moves through QA.

  14. Дмитрий Балабанов

    +1 but a simple "Fixed" or "Needs Testing" is all we need. And I don't want to move jura, I need simple and lightweight service :)

  15. Vuk

    +1 I would also like to have a status "deployed".

    Also +1 for @dimonb comment for "I need simple and lightweight service" :)

  16. Aviva Marchette

    Customization would be best but there should at least be more standard options available such as "in progress" , "verified/confirmed", and "closed"

  17. Justen Stepka

    Official update:

    At this time we do not have an estimate for when this feature will be implemented. Our focus for the short to medium term, will be to provide SSO and better user management with our OnDemand JIRA and Confluence products. I would estimate that the SSO integration and bi-directional oAuth integration between Bitbucket / JIRA / Confluence / Bamboo will take us well into 2014, at which time we will re-evaluate this decision.

    Cheers, Justen -- Bitbucket product manager

  18. Daniel Gibson

    The thing I miss most currently is an "in progress" status, so it's obvious that someone is already working on fixing the bug. A "ready for testing" status would also be nice, I guess.

    Of course having totally customizable states would be the best option.

  19. Brent Thomas

    This really isn't possible? Can't exactly call this an issue tracker without some sort of "needs review" or "ready for testing" state.

  20. Дмитрий Балабанов

    It's a political question, I think. Atlassing want you to move their jira cloud.

  21. David Wood

    +1. This seems like basic functionality, especially for an issue tracker that has been around for a long time.

    Bitbucket team, please reconsider this.

  22. Denis Kuzmin

    Please set as in Google Code,

    e.g. currently is very uncomfortable with the single status 'Open', need a:

          ---- 'Accepted' or 'Verified' or 'Confirmed'
    Open ----- 'Started' or 'In progress' etc.
  23. Joel Martinez

    +1 At present, there is no workflow, the statuses are just tags and an issue can be tagged with any tag at any time. Would be cool to be able to customize these tags.

  24. Denis Kuzmin

    generally, the labels(like on github) is more convenient

    Issue #5356 is more priority for me, i also voted there... however, please to make ANY variant (omg, issue started 2011-09-21)

    currently i also tested the Milestone field instead of the original purpose for additional statuses, but...

    well., continue to use private tracker for basic workflow :(

    this or similar features really does not intersect with Jira, and not so difficult for implementation, so... why is so long need to think о_О

  25. Nathan Johnson

    It's May 2015. This was requested in 2011 and still hasn't been implemented. Come on, Atlassian!

    Labels would probably actually be even better than this (#5356).

  26. Christian Weilguny

    Give Github, GitLab or a separate ticketing software a chance. You won't see this feature anytime in the BitBucket issues.

  27. Stuardo Rodriguez

    Isn't this possible (in theory) with the new addons option for BitBucket?

    I was about to start a firefox/greasemonkey plugin to add this feature, but I think the BitBucket addons is the way to go.

  28. Alexander Prokhorov

    Isn't this possible (in theory) with the new addons option for BitBucket?

    This addon already exists. It's called JIRA.

  29. Daniel Gibson

    Indeed. Atlassian obviously has no interest into making bitbucket issues less crappy, because they hope you'll buy JIRA instead.
    JIRA seems total overkill if you just want a slightly less crappy issue tracker (and free alternatives like gitlab exist), but good luck with that, anyway.

  30. Brett Bagenstose

    We have Jira and it's not the solution we want. we want to add custom statuses OR simply "ready to test"

    otherwise developers close out bugs without QA teams confirming

  31. Denis Kuzmin

    bitbucket is dead...

    For Atlassian this product has never been as primary or even as an important element for their business. It was as test to promotion their primary services like Jira etc. But, I'm afraid that it is the end (it can be as with google code or similar, later /if their management does not select another way)

    All new features are stuck in the past as and current task :( just look on 2011-09-21 line above for this (or as I wrote above about labels), and list of other serious improvements

    Currently it's uncomfortable at all: current bugtracker, Wiki, files for releases etc. (in comparing with existing free services of course). However yes, we have a free unlimited private repos - but and for this, is also ... in the past. You know, who I mean, and as for github it's also as primary product ~ index of vitality :)

    well, for this way, currently, we have the good service as online public & private arhives of available repositories at least...

    sorrowfully :)

  32. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Just a quick update - we are not currently planning to implement additional issue statuses or custom issue statuses.

  33. Christian Weilguny

    We are on the way to Gitlab too. Search in code is an awesome probably-never-to-be-in-bitbucket feature too ...

  34. Michał Matyas

    Wow, I'm speechless. This is the biggest "f*ck you" message from a product company I've seen in a while.

  35. Eli Collins

    On the heels of Alastair's comment, can anyone recommend a good alternate that supports mercurial? I'm pretty addicted to the power of TortoiseHg, so github isn't an option for moving my project. Sigh, feels like I just migrated from GoogleCode, too.

  36. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Thanks for the question, @Bagenstose. I’m happy to expand a bit - as you may have seen in other official updates on other top-voted issues, we are currently focused on other projects such as code search, LFS support, renames/moved files, and others. As a result, although we can definitely understand how this change would be useful, we don’t have it slotted for release in the near future. Thanks!

  37. Alexander Prokhorov

    The logic is simple: if there's a product from Atlassian which resolves your problem, the feature will never be added to BitBucket.

    Can code search on BitBucket be improved by Atlassian products? No, only for your own projects at best. This is why it gets priority. (Not that I'm complaining.)

    Can the issue tracker be improved by Atlassian products? Well duh, just use JIRA! This is why you'll never see custom issue statuses, workflow configuration, issue labels etc.

    The only reason BitBucket exists is to sell Atlassian products. They don't even try to compete with GitHub, even though they could.

  38. Rahul Chhabria Account Deactivated

    We appreciate the support for Bitbucket Issues. However, our focus is on other upcoming initiatives around code review, large file support, and search. Therefore, we do not plan to implement this feature. Thank you.

  39. Alexander Gheorghiu

    @rchhabria That's sad .... not to be able to implement a proper QA process...what should we do (all of us that love bitbucket but need this desperatelly) ?

  40. Christian Weilguny

    @scriptoid Throw your bucks down the throat of Atlassian and get jira - or leave Atlassian behind.

  41. Paul Johnson

    Just started using BitBucket, and enabled Issues. Guess what I ran into with the first issue I loaded? Most of the comments above apply, I could really use a way to add custom status/workflow values.

  42. Sun Lee

    Absolutely. This is the one feature that is most lacking and most integral to the development workflow, in my opinion. Development is no longer just about the upkeep of files and code versioning, unless you are building a mini browser extension as a pet project. Putting focus on to the Issue Tracker would seriously up the game for BitBucket - please reconsider.

  43. Roman Grynchyshyn

    Many thanks to Atlassian team for the great work on bitbucket.

    @rchhabria - sorry for commenting on closed issue - but perhaps your priorities have changed towards implementing this feature in any way since last year? 🙂

    We are currently adapting our workflow to the existing statuses, but it would be an immense productivity and clarity gain if we could adapt the statuses to our workflow instead. And that's true not only for our team I'm sure.

    A bit more flexibility with issues === a LOT more love to bitbucket from its users 😄

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