Allow message when accepting pull request

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Georg Brandl
created an issue

When I reject a pull request, I can enter a message, which is great. I'd like the same (optionally) for acceptance, e.g. to thank the contributor, or to note that I've noticed a bug but will make the fix myself later on.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Georg,

    Is it not sufficient to leave a comment on the PR for the contributor?

    You feel like using the reason field like the rejection would be clearer?



  2. Georg Brandl reporter

    Yep, I can leave a comment. I guess it boils down to convenience for both parties:

    1. I can use a more natural order of doing things (may be subjective of course)
    2. The requester gets only one instead of two notifications
  3. Dylan Etkin

    Our original thinking around this was that when you accept you can add a message which will be the commit message for the change and that this could serve a dual purpose.

    We felt that two text inputs on the accept dialog might confuse things for the users.

  4. David Chambers

    “But if I'm not mistaken you don't get to input anything if no merge commit needs to be made.”

    Absolutely correct. What @Dylan Etkin is saying is that in cases where a merge is required we'd end up displaying two text inputs: one for the commit message and one for the reply. This would add cognitive overhead to the task of accepting a pull request. I favour keeping things as they are now, even though this means the requester receives two e-mail messages in some cases.

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