Nested namespaces for projects

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David Vega
created an issue

It would be nice to be able to categorize projects in a folder/directory-like way for the following reasons:

  • Better organization: I have like 30 repositories, some are Joomla extensions, some are Symfony plugins, some are websites for clients, some are internal experiments. My home & repository pages feel cluttered.

  • Easier access control: Client projects and internal projects. Client projects always have the same set of permissions and same goes for internal projects, but they are different sets of permissions.

  • Friendlier URLs: I think that maybe it would be more natural to have something like account/clients/client-x/site and account/clients/client-x/store than account/client-x-site and account/client-x-store.

  • Potential Automatic hgsub generation: Maybe if, say, there is an account/foo repository, there would be a button that says "Add Sub repo", this would ask you the normal stuff to create the new repo and where you want to land it in the parent repo. If, perhaps, you wanted to use an existing one it would just ask you the URL (or Bitbucket path) and where you want to land it.

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