Indent setting not adhered to in source-view (BB-515)

Issue #304 wontfix
Eirik Stavem
created an issue

The source-view should also use the indent setting, if possible.

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  1. Leo Singer
    • changed status to open

    I am definitely having this problem on my private repository. Whichever highlight style I choose, and however many indent spaces I pick in my admin page, I always get 8-space tabs in my source browser.

  2. Thomas Johansson

    Confirmed that the behaviour is not in effect; Tabs are just tabs, indent setting is not respected.

    Additionally, the preview doesn't indent correctly, it inserts a space too little; E.g. when set to 4, it only indents 3.

  3. Chris Nanney

    Was going to file bug report about it and saw this one. No matter the indent spaces setting, I always get 8-space tabs in source browser.

    Also, I would like to suggest this be a global setting for the user - that no matter what repo you are viewing, public or private, your color and indent preferences will apply to the code you are viewing.

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