Admin group access read/write/admin/delete functions do not work for non-owners of a repository (BB-2727)

Issue #3059 invalid
Michael Rose
created an issue

When clicking on the admin tab of a project, then modifying "group access", e.g. setting group access to admin, it sends the ajax requests out to modify the settings, but they return 404.

I have attached a screenshot of the group thing, and chrome dev tools showing the failed request.

The specific URL is: as the user "michaelrose" (who is a part of a group with admin access).

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  1. Hosted Infrastructure

    Just to update: if I do this as the owner of the repository (the user "hit") then it works fine. When I do this as a user as part of a group with admin access, it fails silently with the 404 ajax request.

  2. Mehmet Catalbas

    Hi there,

    Looking at the screenshot this seemed to be happening before we rolled out the changes for repository admin UI overhaul. I just tried to reproduce this and it seems to be working fine now. Could you guys confirm?

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