Where are revision numbers???

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Iacopo Marmorini
created an issue

Sorry but I only see revision IDs (not really human-eye-friendly) in commits view! Maybe I miss something? Instead (as you of course well know) Mercurial simply does show also revision number with 'hg log' command. For example: {{{ hg log changeset: 2:3d6deb067a1f user: iacopo date: Sat Feb 13 11:25:32 2010 +0100 summary: Very cool changes

changeset: 1:a6faceb24e26 user: iacopo date: Fri Feb 12 14:32:46 2010 +0100 summary: Cool changes

changeset: 0:95e34a05357f user: iacopo date: Fri Feb 12 14:28:51 2010 +0100 summary: First commit }}}

I think it was a simple but very useful feature (I setted major priority). Amongst other things, this was the main reason why I left codebase before give it a more deep try and decided to choose BB. Please (re)introduce-it. Thank you.

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    We decided to remove the revision number because the revision number is unique to each local repository.

    So the revision number that we used to show on the site was specific to the hg repository we store on disk. In many cases this would not match the revision number you would see with your local instance of the repository.

    The revision hash is unique and consistent and will always refer to the same change in any version of your repository. This is what we would like to promote as the representation of the your commits.

    I hope you understand, cheers,


  2. Iacopo Marmorini reporter

    Actually at the moment I can't understand very well (maybe also because I'm italian), and I hope someone else of users will support my request :-) But thank you anyway for your quick reply and explanation and good work. Cheers Iacopo

  3. Jimi C

    I support bitbucket's dev decision to keep the hash number of the commit (the hex number that iacopo dislikes). To make Dylan's reply more simple follow me to my explanation.

    Let's assume we make two local repository clones of the repository we keep in bitbucket. Do some commits to the first. Now go to the other and do some commits there too WITHOUT doing a pull first. Now go to the first and pull. Go to the second and pull. Notice that the decimal commit numbers in both local repositories don't much. But the hash numbers of the commits are the same for both repositories.

    That's what Dylan was trying to say.

    As much as I too dislike the hash numbering, it's the only way to keep commit reference consistency between all repositories.

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