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Issue #3072 duplicate

Can't delete repo/faulty upload

Tony Cheal
created an issue

I created a repo, but filled the form in a bit wrong. Now every time I go to that repo it attempts to upload the repo from github, not realising that the information it has to do it is faulty, and it won't succeed.

I can't abort the upload process, and I can't delete the repo...!

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    The importer has a hard timeout at 2 hours. So it should fail and then the namespace for the repository should become available again.

    The question is why is your import process getting stuck? You shouldn't be able to enter details that would get the process stuck.

    Can you provide more information on how the importer process has been stalled?



  2. Tony Cheal reporter

    (Reply via to...@acecomp.demon.co.uk):

    When filling in the original form I think I hit 'return' at an inappropriate moment, and the form didn't object to the fact that it couldn't connect to the repository properly?

    I certainly hadn't finished filling in the form. (Especially obvious when it was clearly trying to do an hg clone, not a git clone, although from memory I thought I had already checked that button.. (I may be mistaken on that one))


  3. Dylan Etkin

    We seem to have an issue with our importer such that it hangs when it does not have the correct authentication details.

    We are currently investigating and will run the problem through the linked issue.



    Duplicate of #3072.

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