Issue #3073 wontfix
Ajmal Eylia
created an issue

I created my own userstyle.

It improves readability (link color), user experience(sidebar & add repo link) and other stuff.

before and after:

Happy anniversary.

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  1. David Chambers

    Thanks, @Ajmal Eylia. I agree that the current link colour is too similar to the body text colour. We've made progress in this respect, though – headings are no longer the same colour (!) as links, and links now have a :focus colour very similar to that used in your style sheet.

    We appreciate the suggestions. :)

  2. Dylan Etkin


    We appreciate your suggestion and we agree that the dashboard could certainly use some overhaul.

    The plan is to not just make a bunch of little changes but instead to really try to improve the UX of the whole dashboard. I think that the suggested CSS changes are not quite inline with the direction we want to go but rest assured that we will be working on it.



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