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Steve Ivy
created an issue

I imported one of my private projects into Bitbucket from Github, and I'm very happy with the new git integration on BB. But I was disappointed to see that the import did not import my issue queue from Github. I realize that this is a new thing for BB but I don't feel like I can completely move my projects off Github until I can move my issue queue over.



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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Steve,

    Yeah, there are a number of folks asking for this today.

    Its on our list but we wanted to get the Git hosting into your hands as soon as possible.



  2. Chad Morris

    I second both of these items above...

    First, THANK YOU for the import from GitHub--incredible!

    Next, I would love the ability to import issues from GitHub as well. I'm going to kill my hosting account with GitHub before you have this out (unless it's today ;), but for others, I would imagine this would be very helpful.

  3. Damien Glancy

    Hi folks,

    Vote from me to for a GitHub issues importer. Looking at the JSON feed diffs between the two sites. It looks like a pain but doable. I just don't have the time to implement at the moment....

    Cheers, Damien

  4. Charles McLaughlin

    I'm curious how you might want this to work. We should be able to fetch every issue and recreate it on the imported repository. But what about the comments? Mapping users and attributing comments to authors between the two sites might be possible in some cases, but quite often that would fail. In your opinion would it be sufficient to store all the comments in a big blob and not even try to recreate individual comments on our side?

  5. Steve Ivy reporter

    I wouldn't feel the need for comments, personally, as the repos I moved over were private and didn't have any anyway. Not sure of the best way to do it.

  6. Erik van Zijst

    Alright, we listened. Today we added proper issue import and export to Bitbucket. You can export an entire repo's issue tracker as a zip and then re-import on a different repo.

    You can also create your own zips and so you could write very migration scripts to and from other issue trackers (e.g. GitHub).


    File format and data layout:

  7. ZyX_I

    After looking at missing features in @Ulrich Sossou ruby script I wrote another one: The features I am talking about are processing of github events (i.e. “closed from commit”, just closed), github labels to bitbucket components/statuses/versions conversion, renaming users during conversion based on configuration. It is also written in python (the main reason why I have not altered @Ulrich Sossou script is that it is written in ruby which I do not know).

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