Company/Organization Context (BB-53)

Issue #3081 resolved
Tiago Scolari
created an issue

It would be nice to have an organization context (much like there is on github) to organize a company's repositories, groups/teams, etc This can be achieved by creating an user for the company, but it doesn't feel right, it requires you to log out/log in for every change. I would love an 'organization' feature with an easy context change button :)

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Tiago,

    This is certainly high on our list of things to do. About 9 months ago we introduced the concept of groups. The next logical step is to allow a form of teams centered around groups.

    Stay tuned :)


  2. Chris Farmiloe

    Once this feature is available I'll move our company to BitBucket without question. As it stands it's a massive pain to have all the developers logging in/out to a fake user account create repositories.

    So +1 to this!

    Also: however you end up implementing the "organisation", it would be great if the org could have it's own custom domain.

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