Importing Repos from Github with incorrect auth details hang the importer (BB-2820)

Issue #3083 resolved
Nicholas Kampe created an issue

I attempted to import my repository from Github but was unable to do so using any of the URLs I could determine for the repository. After attempting to connect without my username and password to my private repo, the github importer remains stuck at 80% and still acts as though it's occupying my account. Every time I load the repo I'm confronted to begin the import process and blocked from removing the repository manually.

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  1. THEM

    How do we go about deleting the 'bad' repositories?

    When I click on the repo name, it just says 'Oops an error occurred'

  2. Mehmet Catalbas

    The importer should have deleted the repository when it timed out, if not, we can do it for you. What's the repository name?

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