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It would be nice to have jekyll to host user pages (BB-2817)

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Github uses jekyll to generate user/project pages. It is a very useful feature, because you can have your personal/project blog and its source in your repository, and posting to it is as simple as adding a new text file (in markdown/textile).

In order for Bitbucket to host a user page (, the file index.html has to be in the root directory of the repository. So if one wants to create a similar solution on Bitbucket, one has to generate the site with jekyll every time before posting, and even so, jekyll has to be modified, because the original version cannot manage a configuration where the jekyll source directory (eg. '/jekyll') is inside the desination directory (where index.html will be, '/').

It would be very nice if a simple solution could be used, just like in Github.

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  1. David Chambers

    I love Markdown, and generating a static site from .md/.rst/.textile documents stored in a repository is extremely convenient.

    This is unlikely to be seen as a high-value feature when we throw around ideas later in the week. It's certainly a feature that I consider valuable, though, so I may work on it as a 20% project.

  2. Anonymous

    I should add that bibucket could run jekyll with the safe flag that way 3rd party plugins do not run and you shoulld have liquid tag support along with it

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