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The clone process of a private repository from github runs indefinitely and there is no way to stop it, destroy the project or do anything to resolve the issue manually that I can see.

No way for me to use the bitbucket service if I can't acces the repo...

Same as #3083

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Hey Pierre,

    We have indeed seen this happen a couple of times, all with private repos. Is it possible you mistyped your username/password (the page attempts to validate them as you go, but the clone task does currently get confused if provided with incorrect credentials)?

    N.B. As you suspected, there's currently no way to cancel a job that has gotten "stuck", other than waiting 2 hours for the built-in timeout to kill it.

    We'll keep you informed of the progress on this issue.


  2. pierrevdb reporter

    (Reply via

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I would think that expected behavior for a username/password typo is a message to the effect that the account details are incorrect or some such and not a 2 hour wait for a timeout.


  3. Dylan Etkin

    We seem to have an issue with our importer such that it hangs when it does not have the correct authentication details.

    We are currently investigating and will run the problem through the linked issue.



    Duplicate of #3083.

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