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Issue #3100 wontfix

Link to bitbucket user broken on "Username aliases" when using own domain CNAME (BB-2828)

Wojtek Oledzki
created an issue

Hi, Tiny issue with a link to bitbucket user.

Comments (6)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Wojtek,

    I am afraid we have a number of issues around CNAME's.

    The work-around is to access your repo through bitbucket.org to perform this operation for now.

    Sorry for the trouble,


  2. Wojtek Oledzki reporter

    I'm happy to close it, if you are aware of that bug - not a biggie. Just wanted to report broken thing.

    Again, CNAM works like a charm. Just let me know if I should report any minor/small bugs connected with CNAME.

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