Can't unfollow private repositories (BB-2829)

Issue #3104 resolved
Artem Tartakynov
created an issue

I was following a private repositories and a few day ago I got out of the project, now for me access to these repositories is denied and there is no ways to unfollow them. I get all activity of these repositories to my dashboard, heart-click not working

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  1. Marko Matić

    Also, i gave another user a write privilege on my private repo, he then forks it and after that I revoked the rights...

    User can still see all commits to that mine private repo. That's not desirable.


  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hi b0,

    You mean that you can still see the newsfeed events, right?

    They should not be able to see any new activity but the old activity was done publicly.

    Let me know if I am misunderstanding,


  3. Marko Matić

    Ok, it's like this.

    1. user bob make private repo my_app.
    2. user bob give write rights to user alice to his private repo my_app.
    3. user alice forks my_app to hers repo.
    4. user bob revoke rights from alice.
    5. user bob makes changes to his my_app repo.
    6. user alice see newsfeed messages about bob's changes... (this shouldn't happen!)
    7. user alice go to her's my_app fork repo and on the right side click "compare fork" button and click's on "incoming".
    8. user alice see all changes made by bob to his private repo. (this sholud't happen!)

    Hope its clear now... If u need more info feel free to ask. Regards

  4. rombeh

    same problem:

    1. Foo create public repo called XYZ
    2. I follow this repo (XYZ)
    3. Foo change his XYZ repo access to private
    4. XYZ repo is still listed in my follow list
    5. Got 403 (FORBIDDEN) response when trying to unfollow
  5. Jonathan Spinks

    Hi, I've got a private repo that I was following. My access was recently revoked and I still cannot unfollow it.

    In my dashboard when I click on repos I'm following it is there. When I click on it to unfollow I get:

    "ERROR: You do not have access to this repository"

    Is it possible to get a clean up job that looks for private repos that you are following that you no longer have access to?

    Thanks Jon

  6. Jose I. Honrado


    I have the same problem. I was following several repos and now that my permissions has been revoked I can't unfollow them and they still appears in my dashboard.


  7. Anonymous

    Please fix this issue. I also cannot unfollow a repository from my old work that I now no longer have access to.

  8. MichaelR

    This is still happening for me. Basically the repositories show in the "Following" list. I want them removed for a particular username. I am no longer a part of the company so since those repos are private i can't unfollow them since I can't get in them.

  9. Marcus Bertrand staff

    This has been fixed going forward, but we were unable to fix it in the past. If you have old repositories that you are still showing as following, please report your username and the username with repositories to unfollow to support [AT]

  10. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We had a recent regression that again allowed this to happen. It has beed resolved again. Again, we aren't able to retroactively fix this and you'll need to come to support to be removed.

  11. James Gifford

    I've got this same problem currently. There are several private repos that I no longer have access to showing up in my account. How do I remove these so that I don't have to see them in my account any more?

    I should add that my access to the private repos is through a group. Is there some way for me to remove all connections with the group from my account?

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