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Issue #3106 resolved

SSH Deploy Keys (BB-67)

Thomas Szukala
created an issue


Id like to add ssh deploy keys to my private git repositories. So that I am able to pull branches directly from my servers.

These deploy keys should only have read access and are configured within each repository (not within the account).

A workaround would be to create a deploy account which only has read access. This would work but seem to be less clean to me.

Thanks Thomas

Comments (60)

  1. Steve Ivy

    I'd just like to +1 the idea of deploy keys on a per-repo basis, even if it was a paid option, it's the kind of thing I'd probably upgrade for.


  2. Dylan Etkin

    As someone recently pointed out on twitter you all need an update on this issue.

    We will have support for deploy keys at some point but if I am totally honest I do not believe that it will be within the next three months.

    We have a pretty good idea of what we are going to build in the next three months and this is not on the list.

    I understand how important this is and I wish we could support it sooner. However I truly believe that the order in which we are attacking improvements is the right order.



  3. Anonymous

    Dylan, Thank you for the update. Good to know you have this issue on your radar. I am eagerly awaiting the solutions you have in mind

  4. FireID


    Will be creating users with read-only access for now, but with using separate users for multiple servers pulling from multiple repos, we will soon have to go over our account size (users) just for phantom users :(

  5. amontero

    Is there any way to see from one single place which deployment keys you have set up for all your repositories? I would like to verify who has access to my code at a glance. TIA.

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