Author name too short in commit/specific revision page (BB-2836)

Issue #3110 resolved
Edward Robinson
created an issue

Earlier today I was creating aliases for various accounts and I had a very long one (eg: and I was unable to see the whole name on the commits page so I clicked on the revision number and even though I have mostly blank space the name was still shortened so I couldn't read it. So I had to go find the person an ask what his author name was. This also wouldn't be a probelm if you suggested aliases from a list of people who had committed but didn't have accounts.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Edward,

    We used to have a '?' next to commit authors we could not resolve. When clicked we would pre-fill the user alias page with the username.

    It would seem we have lost this in one of our UI upgrades. We will put it back and I think this should relieve the problem you are having.

    Cheers, Dylan

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