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Issue #3114 resolved

Delete account and recreate shows previous details (BB-2849)

created an issue

After trying to import a repository and getting stuck in a look importing and deleted repositories staying in the "My Repository" list I deleted my account.

I then created a new account with the same username/email address, received a new confirmation email and logged in.

The new account was already populated with the data from the deleted account, including the deleted repositories still visible on the "My Repositories" screen.

I logged in with a different browser never used with bitbucket.org to confirm that the browser hadn't cached any data and saw the same results.

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Nelbert,

    We seem to have reintroduced this issue, sorry.

    The newsfeed information is us not purging the old events. The issue on the my repositories screen is a caching issue and they should go away once the cache times out.

    Thanks for reporting,


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