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Github to Mercurial repo

Jason McKesson
created an issue

Now that we have the ability to create Git repositories, and fork repos from Github to Bitbucket, what we are missing is one final thing: the ability to fork from a Git repo (on Github or Bitbucket) to a //Mercurial// repo.

This would require the internal use of something like Hg/Git. But it would allow those of us who would rather not learn how to use Git to be able to work more easily with projects that do use Git.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Jason,

    When we were looking into supporting Git the first avenue we explored was some way to always have Hg and Git repo's that would stay in-sync.

    The problem is that the existing tools to convert back and forth are somewhat incomplete (we could fix that) and, by their nature, they can be very computationally expensive and take a long time to run. The last issue is a problem that gets worse on larger repo's. We found that we could just not provide a good and consistent experience around this.

    So for now we are closing this as won't fix. We feel like the time it would take to crack this nut would be better spent adding features to the site and improving the UI/UX. I hope you understand.



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