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Issue #3120 wontfix

Can't see my commit activity

Alexey Alexey
created an issue

My name is Alexey Petriashev, my id name is alexey.petriashev. I pushed commit with name alexey.petriashev but can not see it on my page.

Name alias works only in repository

Comments (3)

  1. Alexey Alexey reporter


    works: [ui] username = Alexey Petriashev <alexey.petriashev@gmail.com>

    not working (no icon and userlink in dashboard): username = Alexey Petriashev username = alexey.petriashev

  2. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Alexey

    Bitbucket uses only validated email addresses to map a commit user to a Bitbucket account, so specifying your email address as part of your ui.username is the correct way to have this work.

    Regards Nicolas

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