iPhone/iPad Applications (BB-3143)

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I would love it if you released a iPhone/iPad application for BitBucket!!!

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  1. NicholasKell

    I agree that an iPad app would be stellar.

    The mentioned app is ok at best for a minimal iphone app. To answe your question, Anirban, it lets you browse code, view issues and changesets. But beyond that is useless. As for an iPad, it is simply not an iPad app.

    Adding line numbers to the code browsing would be sweet.

    If there was an iPad/iPhone app built by Atlassian, you know it would be slick. An app made by a third party will never be as slick as one by the owner of the service.

  2. suralc

    An ipad app would be really nice. But please do not forget about Android devices(bigger market share with phones, no clue about tablets).

    And far more options for developers.

  3. ice9000

    My friend and I recently created an app called BugBranch that lets you view/edit BitBucket issues. It also supports Redmine, JIRA, Trac, and GitHub issues. Even lets you check out non-BitBucket mercurial and git repositories. http://bugbranch.com

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