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No Token to RSS feed when in Admin (IE) (BB-2846)

Joel Shapiro
created an issue

When In Admin/Access Management and other sub menu choces there is no token on the RSS link that is displayed. for the project.

I cant really figure out when the token is missing but sometimes it is not vissible

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  1. Joel Shapiro reporter

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    Hello, Yes. I was clicking around in the admin section, I first noticed it when clickin "Access Restriction"

    I can not reproduce the issue either at this point, it fixed itself.. Is thats the magical power of the pony? ;)

    I then proceeded to try to click on all buttons and try to note where I noticed that the token was missing, however when I went through all the items and then went back again I noticed the token was back on some of the alternatives. However, my work-buddy was logged in on another account browsing a totaly different repo experiencing the same issue. We had a very brief conversation about that it was weird.

    My colleague had an issue of the RSS token changing, I think he was making alot of requests fairly rapidly to the RSS page and we are on the same outgoing IP. I don't know if this make any difference but all of this happend within 30 minutes before I reported the issue.

    Thank you for an awesome service!

    Joel Shapiro Djangsta

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