Linking a Changeset to a Issue does not show in issue (BB-2851)

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If you link a change set to an issue (with git) using re #issue then the CS will point to the issue but the issue will now show any reference to the change-set.

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    I am unable to reproduce this issue.

    The issue will always be linked in the commit. However, we only add a reference to the issue if you caused something to happen to the issue (such as fixing it).

    If you are only mentioning it then we do not add any reference to the issue. This works the same with Hg repos as it does for Git.

    Let me know if I am misunderstanding, cheers,


  2. Jasonf20 reporter


    It seems you understood me correctly.

    However as you said you only add a reference if the issue was changed. (I thought this was not the case) but my issue still hold as I would like all changesets with a reference to an issue to be referenced in the issue, even re # type links.



  3. Dylan Etkin
    • changed status to new

    Hi Jason,

    I think thats a pretty reasonable sounding improvement request.

    I have added it to the backlog, not sure when we will get to it but its a good suggestion.



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