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Issue #3141 resolved

Username not pre-filled when adding missing committer alias (BB-2836)

Jon Langevin
created an issue

When a repository has a committer whose username has not been assigned an alias yet, the committer display name provides a link to the Username Aliases administration page. This link includes the committer's username as a GET param, but the username is not actually prefilled into the form.

This is quite annoying, as an unknown username will have "..." included on the commit display screen, so the only way to find the full username value is to manually find it's existence in the URL to Username Aliases Administration, to then copy/paste into the form.

Based on the URL intention, it seems this either used to function as expected, or was simply never completed.

Example URL: https://bitbucket.org/USER/REPO/admin/committers?username=someuser@somedomain.local&back=/USER/REPO/changeset/25313c467fd5

CORRECTION: It's actually the "Alias" field that I'm expecting to pre-fill, and it's the alias that is passed in the "username" GET parameter.