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Si Feng
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The stats for commits and followers (probably forks as well but since I don't have public repos so I don't know) are wrong.

For commits stat, it doesn't count the commits for an imported Git repo. Say if you import a Git repo with lots of commits already from somewhere else, it will still show 0 commit. But the followers stat will be 1 more (e.g., even if you are the only user for this repo, you will see 2 in the follower stat if imported).

For followers stat, if you cancel follow and then follow again (to your own private repo), the followers stat increases.

I believe the stats are stored separately. It is understandable for performance reason, but I think the workflow should be corrected to reflect the right stats and also you may want to do a system-wide re-calculation to fix the existing wrong stats.

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    I am afraid we are aware that these stats are quite bloated.

    We took a stab at fixing this a while back and realized its more complicated than we thought.

    However we know this needs to be fixed so we will try to address this in the near future.

    Thanks for reporting,


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