Search should search username better for Git (BB-2895)

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Seems like search should be able to at least search by all the things that show up in the commit listing (commit hash, user, comment).

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    We do search for the commit author. However we search the raw committer string, not necessarily the user as Bitbucket maps them.

    Are you searching a Git or Hg repository?

    Do you have an example where the author search is not working?

    If you search for the committer string how it appears in the repo commits does it return?



  2. Expected Behavior reporter

    I am searching a (private) git repo, doc_raptor.

    I am logged in under our company account right now, but I am searching for my normal username (janxious) and I have a lot of commits in the repo, and in the commit listing, the author column says “janxious”. I also tried searching by my first name (Joel), which is my git commit user name and also is in my git commit email.

    None of these seem to work as I would expect. i.e. filter the list to show only my commits and any commits with a commit message including my name.

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Thanks for the details.

    I can see how sometimes the search feels like its not really bringing back what you are after.

    We will see if we can try to make it behave a bit more intuitively.



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