Issue #3166 open

Support signed commits for Git and Mercurial (BB-319)

Andreas Sewe
created an issue

Check for and display a 'verified' icon or something as well.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Andreas,

    The idea of supporting signed commits has certainly been bumping around our team for a while.

    Its not high on our radar right now but its in the backlog.



  2. Cruz Bishop

    Please at least hide GPG information from commit messages as a temporary solution.

    It makes it very hard to read the changelog and/or commit tree,

  3. Ramnique Singh

    I feel this is a very fundamental requirement, which should be given a higher priority. Many git users are now signing their commits. It's impossible to view the commit log on BB and is a major decisive factor when choosing between BB or github (and i want to favor BB). Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.

  4. Cruz Bishop

    Could somebody please give us an update on the status of this issue? It's a cosmetic issue that has not been resolved or even worked around for almost two years. :(

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