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Charlie Fish
created an issue

I know that I can comment on a whole commit ( But I need to comment on a line of a comment, like Github.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Charlie,

    This is actually on the top of our list of features to tackle.

    We are currently working out how we want to the UI/UX to work.

    I don't want to promise any dates but know that we are working on the problem.



  2. Casey Casey

    As a developer reviewing a commit, I want to be able to comment on a line of code.

    This feature helps a ton when collaborating or reviewing commits. Otherwise, the comment gets muddled by having to describe the line number or action being taken when making a suggestion.

    For a distributed team, this is kind of a deal breaker.

  3. ChrisD

    inline code comments like github would be preferable, an improvement maybe to list make sure there are easy ways to see comments have been made on a commit and have each comment have a url to link to.

  4. Shaun Ek

    Bumpety bump. I am especially interested in it working with pull requests so that we can eliminate the need for using Reitveld for code reviewing. We love bitbucket so much, but are actually considering moving over to github solely for this feature. :( Can you give an update on this? If bitbucket is going to release this in the fairly near future, we will definitely stick around.

  5. Matthew Gordon

    I'm thinking the same as Shaun. I'm missing line comments enough that I'm considering switching back to GitHub. Can we get some re-assurance that this is still important to BitBucket and being worked on?

  6. Dylan Etkin

    Just an update for all of you.

    This is still high on our radar. There are two other large things we are in the middle of doing right now and once those complete we will start on this feature. I am not sure as to when the feature will be ready to ship, I know it will not be within the next two months (I wish that did not need to be the case).

    However, I promise you that we want this feature in Bitbucket and it will be here, it is just a matter of time.

    Thanks for your patience,


  7. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Namit,

    We have not yet started on the feature so it will certainly not be released in this month. We hope to start our spec'ing mid-month and implementation after that. However depending on how the things we are currently working on shake out it may take longer.



  8. Anonymous

    When can we expect this to come along? It is one of those things that blocks people in adopting Bitbucket. I know of at least 5 people who want to migrate to Bitbucket, but who are blocked by this functionality.

  9. Tim Clemons

    Agreed with other's sentiments on the need for this feature. Allowing BitBucket interop with Crucible would be a step in the right direction. Having inline comments directly supported in BitBucket would be better.

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