Support folders and readme's in folders for downloads (BB-2911)

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== Better download user interface ==

I would love that Bitbucket could provide a similar interface to Sourceforge:

Management of folder system to organise downloads

Apply an automatic readme section below the list of downloads in that folder for quick explanations of what is provided to download.

Thanks so far for a really easy and sweet project space to do open source development!

Best regards Gunther Strube, @z88 & @GameBros

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Gunther,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    We are not currently focusing on the downloads section of the site. But we will keep the suggestion in our backlog for when we do revisit that area.



  2. Anonymous

    You can add labels/ tags to downloads like Google Code:

    • If the downloads were labelled/ tagged as Featured then they should be placed in somewhere like the Overview sections…
    • If the downloads were labelled/ tagged as Deprecated then they should be hidden.
    • Etc…

    Other suggestions:

    • Currently the download links are not direct. For example will forward to And the final link will not make count when it is downloaded.

    I think the Downloads section is important. For example the project of course has more than one version. There are respective downloads for each version. Sometime the users might want to use the older version(s) instead of the latest one. I'm a long time user of Google Code, and their Downloads section is very useful for me.

    It would be great if you could consider improving your Downloads section.

    Thank you.

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