No formatting allowed in messaging system (BB-2912)

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Jon Langevin
created an issue

When communicating with other users using the Messaging system, formatting doesn't work. Granted, there is no WYSIWYG included in the messaging system, but I wouldn't have guessed that meant there is no support for Wiki-style URLs, for instance (i.e. - [[|example]], which allows a URL using the double-bracket syntax).

Also there is no ability to edit a message, which would normally be fine, until I make the mistake of using the Wiki-formatting in a submitted message.

There's no ability to preview either. Fun!

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  1. David Chambers

    I'm interested to hear, Jon, that you use Bitbucket's messaging system. Is this because you occasionally want to contact another Bitbucket user but don't know his or her e-mail address, or do you prefer to keep Bitbucket-related threads in Bitbucket?

  2. Jon Langevin reporter

    (Reply via

    I typically don't use the messaging system, which is why I was unfamiliar with it's limitations on formatting. Another user found that I am a user and developer of Yii-related PHP projects, and contacted me via Bitbucket's messaging. I didn't feel the need to try to find the user's email or other form of communication, as I assumed the message system would be adequate for our conversation.

    I think I would be more likely to proactively use the message system, if Bitbucket struck me as more of a social coding platform, similar to Github. As it currently, though, Github seems to more strongly favor the social side of development, whereas Bitbucket seems a bit more introverted. Maybe it's due to initial mentalities behind each system, where Bitbucket seems to have approached with the perspective of enterprise users, which don't tend to care about social development as much.

    Or this could all just be a misconception on my part, but that's definitely the feeling I get between the two platforms.

    Regardless, with a more open, social approach (which would likely require adjustments to the flow of Bitbucket, it's layout/navigation/etc), and a highly accessible messaging component, I'd easily use the messaging service at Bitbucket, and would likely keep to the service throughout conversations, assuming I were able to respond to messages via email (as I'm doing to respond to this ticket right now).

    If you need any more long-winded feedback, let me know :-)

    -- Jonathan Langevin

  3. Michael Bayer

    +1 for formatting/editing in the message system, users contact me through this system and there is no other way for me to figure out who they are. The notification email I get in my regular mail isn't one that can be replied to, and also has no link back to the message in the notification GUI. But at least when I find the message back in the message system, that box is the only way I have to respond to that person. So if that's the workflow, it should be complete! Otherwise change the workflow and make it entirely through email (that would be fine too).

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