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Issue #3205 invalid

Branch overview error (BB-3148)

Anonymous created an issue


When trying to view a git branch linked from the repo nav [https://bitbucket.org/contentbloom/epse/src/7cde7ec1d9ac] I get a 404 error.

I guess this is wrong?

Comments (4)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Mark,

    I believe you are seeing a caching issue. I have flushed the cache around your repo, can you please let me know if the link to your branch is now correct?

    Also I would like to track this issue down. Did you change the ref to your branch? Any steps you could provide so I can reproduce the issue would be appreciated.



  2. Anonymous

    (Reply via m.wi...@contentbloom.com):

    Hi Dylan,

    I just checked the branch and I'm still seeing the same 404 I'm afraid [https://bitbucket.org/contentbloom/epse/src/f924ee54f2c4]

    I haven't done anything out of the ordinary with the branch. I branched locally using git glow (It just creates a branch) and then did a 'git push origin feature/templating'. The other feature/* branch is fine though.



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