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Jeeva Nadarajah
created an issue

Today I followed the steps to create a bitbucket account and repository. I installed msgit on my windows7 machine and have tried cloning my bitbucket repository with no success.

My repository is

I am asked to enter a password (openssh_ and I enter my bitbucket password. Not sure if this is right.

Then it comes up with Authentication failed. I did not want to use ssh. Not sure what I am doing wrong here?

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    What is the command you are using to clone your repository?

    Are you trying to clone via the command line? Are you able to clone any other repositories from your system?



  2. Jeeva Nadarajah reporter

    Hey Dylan, Thanks for the response. It worked when I used command line but with GitGui, it had authentication problems. However, once I got it to work via Git Bash, I am able to push code via GitGui.


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