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Issue #3212 wontfix


Genomics Bioinformatics Group
created an issue

The logout button seems to have disappeared, or at least it's now well-hidden. This is bad news for several reasons, not least because it makes it difficult to navigate between different userids.

I have given this a "critical" priority because in a couple of weeks, I will be giving a public talk in which I'd like to show how Bitbucket can be used, and this is a critical piece of functionality for my talk.

Comments (16)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    I am sorry that you find the placement of the logout link confusing.

    It is a common practice in web apps now-a-days to put the link in a "user related" area.

    We find that most users do not often use the logout link and therefore it does not need to take up prime real-estate on the main nav.

    I hope you understand, cheers,


  2. LaMaia Cramer

    For the record, the "log out" button is found when you click on your user avatar in the upper right corner. This was less obvious for me, since I don't have an avatar, and that area blends in entirely with the top blue bar.

  3. Nick Loughlin

    I think this is a bug rather than a feature, not least because it's possible to not have an avatar show up, and that (for accounts of a certain age at least) this seems to be the default behavior. In particular, I don't have an avatar, so had to google logging out to figure out how to do it.

    Perhaps if there were a default icon (maybe a face or one of those white head and shoulders) or something visible at the top right to signify that the user area could be accessed from there, that would make the site's UI behave a little more intuitively, or maybe a white box around the active area so that it at least registers as having some interesting behaviour when it's clicked.

  4. Jonathan Arnett

    I, too, would insist on some sort of default avatar or placeholder. I couldn't find the logout link because I had no idea any sort of user dropdown existed. For reference, this is what that corner of the site looks like for me:Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 7.25.10 PM.png

  5. P.Putnik

    If there's no avatar then there's no way to guess there's something at than corner at all. Have to google out this ticket to find there really is something there. Why don't use a silhouette instead of emptiness if there's no avatar?

  6. Monika Machnik

    Thank you to all of you and Google. As a new user I spent a lot of time on this problem and didn't found a solution. I agree that there should be a default avatar or at least something!

  7. Monika Machnik

    Yes, it was ABP but turning off the ad blocker on bitbucket.org didn't help. I had to manually add the filter to rule exceptions. Apparently I was wrong thinking that these are equivalent. Thanks!

  8. P.Putnik


    It was a king of adblock, ghostery. It detects you're using gravatar for that purpose and it is blocked by default (along with many other useless stuff). Thanks, I've whitelisted it on your page and the icon appears.

    I took a glance at the page code and tend to think it is false positive however unsure. If there's no gravatar pls let me know and I'll report the error to ghostery.

    Thank you. 1.png

  9. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Ah yes, thanks for the update. Ghostery is discussed in issue #11486 - since the extension is doing what you requested (block third-party integrations), the suggested resolution is to do what you did. Thanks.

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