hipchat integration: pushes with commits to multiple branches look confusing (BB-2942)

Issue #3217 resolved
Juri Pakaste
created an issue

I don't know if this is specific to HipChat, but that's where I've observed this. When using the HipChat integration, we get messages in the chat that look like this when people push to a repo:

{{{ juri committed to my-branch at /user/repo/ - Commit that actually went to my-branch (123456789abc) - Commit that went to completely-different-branch (123456789abd) }}}

The branch mentioned on the first line is the branch of the first commit in the push. That can be pretty misleading if the commits after that went to different branches and just happened to be pushed at the same time. It would be nice to get headings between the commit messages where the branches change.

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  1. Juri Pakaste reporter

    I think this was better for a while, so that the commits were grouped by branch, but now seems to be back to the old behavior.

    (And by "while" I mean we remember seeing it look better but have no idea if it was just once or for a longer period of time, and that once might have been just someone pushing twice.)

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