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Issue #3218 resolved

can't to push the changes to repository

Main Intranet Account
created an issue

Hello, from day ago i can't to push the changes to repository on bitbucket. I'm the admin of account 'sparm_intranet'.

Can't to push in: https://bitbucket.org/sparm_intranet/kiosk2 and https://bitbucket.org/sparm_intranet/sparm_intranet

The IDE Netbeans says: Command: [hg, outgoing, -v, --template=rev:{rev}\nauth:{author}\ndesc:{desc}\ndate:{date|hgdate}\nid:{node|short}\n\nendCS:\n, --repository, /home/sites/intranet/www, http://sparm_intranet:****@bitbucket.org/sparm_intranet/sparm_intranet] Output: [abort: error: Connection timed out]

Using: Netbeans IDE 6.8 and last Mercurial

Is it the problem of your service? PS: I can to browse the site bitbucket.org and ping bitbucket.org.

Comments (5)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    The site should be available.

    Are you still seeing this error? I do not see any errors in our logs related to your repository.

    Have you tried doing an Hg clone over the commandline?

    Have you recently uploaded any very large files to the repository?



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