The UI for wiki page creation will not allow you to create a page with the same name as an existing folder (BB-2945)

Issue #3222 resolved
Rhodri Pugh
created an issue

Hi, I'm trying to create a wiki page called "Objects" but just get a 404 and am not able to edit it. Is this a bug, or is "Objects" some kind of reserved word?

Thanks. rod.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    To link to the page Objects you need to create it and save it first.

    In your screencast it looks like the page you are linking to does not yet exist.

    You can also confirm if the page exists or not by cloning the repository over the command line.



  2. Rhodri Pugh reporter
    • changed status to open

    Ah yes I forgot you could clone the wiki - and this has shown me what the problem is!

    So I created a page called "Objects/Tag", with a forward slash in it as I've done with other pages. But looking at the wiki checkout I see this has created a folder called "Objects", and a file inside that called "". So then if I try and edit "Objects" it gives me a 404 (you say in my screencast the page doesn't yet exist which is true, but I should be prompted with a page to edit as happens with other new pages).

    To reproduce...

    1) Create page "TESTPAGE/foo", edit and save. 2) Then go to "TESTPAGE" 3) 404

    So the bug (if you want to class it a bug), is that you can't create a page with the same name as a folder that already exists. I'd say this is a bug because there's no problem if you create the page "TESTPAGE", and then create "TESTPAGE/foo"


  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi rodnaph,

    Thanks for clarifying the issue. I have added a bug to the backlog. I will be honest, we are not spending a lot of time on the wiki ATM so it will probably sit for a while.

    But when we make a push on wiki bugs we will try to look at this.



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