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Charlie Fish
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It would be very cool if you could install Bitbucket on your own server!! Kind of like Github Enterprise (

That would be very cool!!

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  1. Justen Stepka

    At this stage we do not have any plans to offer Bitbucket as a behind the firewall product. However, we are working on a new install product tailored towards enterprises that takes the best of our experience with FishEye and combines it with the DVCS repository management and collaboration features of Bitbucket.

  2. Lester Peabody

    Hey Justen,

    I'm just wondering if there's a timeline that you have on this product that you speak of? I have great, great interest in installing such an environment here at work. We're in the process of expanding our software contributions with our industrial partners, and we need a solid platform for collaboration. We already run JIRA, so this sounds absolutely perfect.

    Cheers, Les

  3. Anonymous

    +1 for a bitbucket firewall install product. As a dev support team lead, I'm getting very frustrated with's lack of decent support for their github enterprise product, and am actively looking for a github-killer.

  4. Chris Walquist

    I too am very interested in an enterprise git-based collab server. I am assuming it will be positioned to compete feature-wise with Github Enterprise, is that right? We have been unable to get GitHub-FI's or GitHub Enterprise's service hooks to do commit notifications, they do not support gist'ing without enterprise-unfriendly sub-domain hacks, they don't offer Github Pages, their code search seems still broken in Github Enterprise, and support is very sporadic. If your new product could handle these features plus the basic Github stuff, I'd love to take a look at it when it's ready. (I know that at the very least, your support will be very good, based on my experience with FishEye and JIRA requests!).

    Do you have a feature list? Are you taking feature requests? Let me know, I'll be happy to provide a list!

  5. Jack Weaver

    I'm interested in this as well. Any news to report on it? Really the simple/clean user interface of BitBucket is what I find attractive. Anyone can stand up a git server, like gitosis, but having a convenient web UI for each project is very nice to have.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi, any update on an enterprise git collab server? continues to amaze with their missteps in the enterprise space. Latest is their distribution of Github-Enterprise on a VM, but disallowing sudo access to the VM for anyone in the organization. In addition, their licensing model does not allow for un-authorizing users, but only deleting them--which deletes their comments and other data, and archives any repos associated with their account in a location invisible to the rest of the community. If you want to leave the departed employee's work around, you have to keep paying for the license! Not to mention that their support posture is arrogant and inflexible.

    In short, Github is ripe for someone to eat their enterprise lunch for them. I'm in the market for a different lunch; I am hoping that this product will be a strong candidate, and willing to be an early adopter if there is opportunity.

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