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Issue #3252 duplicate

Include submodules in source downloads (BB-3011)

Charles Baker
created an issue

I have several Git repositories setup that use submodules to reference in libraries from my other repositories. When I choose the "get source" option from my repository page (on https://bitbucket.org/cwbaker/sweet_build_tool for example) the packaged source contains the files included in the main repository but it doesn't include any files from the repositories referenced in as submodules.

It'd be nice for me if I could have that "get source" option also bring down the files in the submodules and include them in the source archive.

Thanks, Charles.

Comments (4)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    Thanks for reporting. We have had a few requests for this so its good to have a public issue to track it.

    I believe we may be able to do something for submodules that live on bitbucket but external modules may be another story.



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